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Feevale University welcomes British oncologist

23/10/2023 - Atualizado 13h21min

Peter Harper met with representatives of the Institution, and visited the Integrated Center for Health Specialties

Peter Harper

The oncologist Peter Harper, from England, visited Feevale University this Tuesday, 26th, in order to learn about the Institution's health structure and talk about future partnerships in scientific studies in the area of reducing vascular damage. The director of International and Institutional Relations at Feevale, Paula Casari Cundari, welcomed the professional, together with the coordinator of the Medicine course, Pedro Lombardi Beria, and professor Eduardo Barbosa, a specialist in hypertension. “We are honored to have Dr. Harper here. It’s a very special moment and we hope this is the first of many visits”, said Paula.

Harper asked questions about the structure of the Institution's Medicine course and spoke about his own areas of study, which are related to the consequences of smoking and harm reduction in nicotine use. “I am passionate about the study of cancer, the problems arising from smoking and the tobacco industry, and I spend a lot of time learning what we can do to try to reduce the damage caused by this”, he pointed out, presenting the measures that places such as the United Kingdom and Sweden have adopted to reduce the use of tobacco and, consequently, the damage caused by its combustion.

Also present at the meeting were the director of Feevale's Institute of Health Sciences (ICS), Caren Mello Guimarães, and professor Patricio López-Jaramillo, dean of the University of Santander (UDES), in Colombia, who gave a talk to medical students on the same day. After the meeting, Harper met Feevale's Integrated Center for Health Specialties (Cies), together with the space's coordinator, Paula Tonello.


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