Feevale was founded in 1969, from the community mobilization, with the goal of offering to people living in Novo Hamburgo and its outskirts the opportunity of getting a higher education development. Since then, the Institution is defined by a "knowledge- building" space, reaffirming its commitment with projects which promote regional development, quality of life and general enhancement for its communities’ participants.

Feevale assumes the dedication to teaching excellence, research and extension courses as a way of contributing to sustainability and to social justice. The Institution also has the mission of promoting knowledge production and its democratization.




One of Feevale's targets is to develop the internationalization in the academic studies, offering  up-to-dated knowledge and allowing the access in foreign educational networks. To form professionals who have global skills, and who are able to act in a borderless world, the Institution has the goal to make international cooperation relevant for the students and professors' development as well as in all  research fields.


Nowadays, Feevale has cooperation agreements with nearly 60 academic institutions, placed in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, The United States, Finland, England, Italy, Mexico, Mozambique, Portugal, Uruguay and Paraguay. The international partnerships open new academic places and offer technological and scientific cooperative actions, several interchanges modalities, shared courses, cultural interaction and other academic actions with the international partnership net.



The extension programs is managed by the Community and Extension Programs Department – PROACOM, through the nonstop formation (several courses directed to  complementary and up-to-dated courses and events), talented agency (students’ insertion to the professional market through internships, voluntary work and jobs), services, culture and arts, sports, and extended projects to the community. In fact, the relation with the community is the foundation of the institutional and extension policies, and it constitutes one of the base elements to the institution identity which associates other three extension principles: social relevance, whole formation and knowledge.


This relationship shows the priorities that will guide Feevale, an institution which is aware of its responsibility and its commitment with the society. Thus, Feevale has been constantly putting into practice social responsibility policies and varied projects and actions. Nowadays, there are around 53 extension projects turned to the community needs.




Feevale offers every year more than 350 opportunities to update individual, professional and corporative competences, integrating different knowledge fields, through wide-ranging coursed and events offers – updating, improvement, qualification and complementary formation prospects.
Check the activities which are available at www.feevale.br/extensao.



Feevale intends to understand  and show, to the business market, up-to-date solutions to its varied segments, narrowing the relationship between the institution and the community. Through four different centers (Corporative Development, Corporative Places, Development of Public Organizations, and Technological Support), the institution aims to efficiently help public and private sectors, focusing society development, questioning its own knowledge, trying to find out, with the market, brand new data, joining theory and practice.
To know our services, access www.feevale.br/servicos or email to desenvolvecorp@feevale.br.




To offer support to its activities, Feevale has a modern infrastructure, with technological laboratories and equipment, libraries, multimedia rooms, auditoriums, a sports complex and clinics. Moreover, it has other services such as banks, restaurants, coffee shops, a bookshop and easy access to public transportation. Campus I, placed in a historical neighborhood of Novo Hamburgo, takes up "Escola de Aplicação", a pinacotheca and the National Museum of Shoes, which keeps alive the memory of the activities related to shoes and leather production in Brazil. Campus II is located in a beautiful area whose buildings, which are named by colors, are surrounded by gardens. The majority of programs and services operate at Campus II, such as the Traineeship Center, the Juridical Practices Center, school-clinics and the Analytical Center.



Campus I
  • Av. Dr. Maurício Cardoso, 510
  • Bairro Hamburgo Velho
  • Novo Hamburgo • RS
  • CEP 93510-250
Campus II
  • ERS-239, 2755
  • Novo Hamburgo • RS
  • CEP 93352-000
  • Telefone: (51) 3586-8800