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Living in Novo Hamburgo

Feevale is located in Novo Hamburgo, South of Brazil. Novo Hamburgo is a city where European immigration groups, especially German and Italian, have shaped the people we have come to be and the lifestyle we have come to adopt. Novo Hamburgo, renowned as the Brazilian capital of shoes, has an area of 222,51 km² and approximately 248,000 inhabitants. The town is in the region of Vale dos Sinos, which has an area of 1,400 km² and a population of 1,3 million people. Nowadays, 92% of Brazil’s shoe and leather companies are in this region.

The culture of Novo Hamburgo and Rio Grande do Sul is unlike many cities and states you might visit in Brazil, making it the perfect place for an international student to study.  Novo Hamburgo is a safe place to international students. Novo Hamburgo offers all the excitement of a bigger city: museums, good restaurants, bars, pubs, shopping and an efficient public transportation. People are friendly and willing to learn about different cultures and languages.

Novo Hamburgo is near Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, and between the mountains and beach, so international students can easily travel to one of these locations. Rio Grande do Sul state is located in a privileged area which borders Argentina and Uruguay. The state takes up 282 thousand km², and the 10,2 million inhabitants are mostly of Portuguese, Italian, German and Asian descent. In some regions, for instance, people usually speak German or Italian instead of Portuguese. 

The state has European features and has the fourth highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the country. In addition to having strong traditions and cultural diversity, Rio Grande do Sul is a big producer and exporter of grains. Its economy is based on the industrial sector - leather, shoes, food, clothing, metallurgy and chemicals.

Average costs to live in NH

Accomodation    R$ 600,00 a month (around U$ 300 a month)
(average cost)  
 R$ 30,00 daily (around U$ 8 a day)
Transportation     - Bus from Novo Hamburgo downtown to Feevale: R$ 3,20
  - Bus from near cities: around R$ 3,50 – R$ 10

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