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A visit from a Finnish university to Feevale

20/02/2017 - Atualizado 10h22min
The institution hosts Häme University of Applied Sciences representatives
During the days 20 and 23 of February, Feevale University hosts the visit of the International Affairs Office board representatives of Häme University of Applied Sciences (Hamk).

The goal of the visitors Taina Honkavuori and Leena Rantanen is to learn more about the structure of the Institution as well as to meet the International Affairs Office board directors, mainly in regard to issues like the exchange program.

Learn more about the agreement

Together with the Finish Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) and VIA University College from Denmark, Feevale University has settled a new agreement on 18 May 2016, which resulted in a strategic alliance.

The alliance has the goal to expand actions on international education, integrate scientific research groups and internationalize the companies connected to the partner universities technological parks in addition to other cooperation matters.
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