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A promising year for Feevale Techpark

Feevale Techpark is doing well in beating recession
The year of 2017 has arrived with great news for Feevale Techpark, which had already ended 2016 with a positive balance, by setting up a total of 50 companies. In a complete reverse scenario of the national political and economic worldwide crisis, Feevale University, via its technological park, has already been sourced with over R$3.2 million of resources coming from approved projects by the Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Econômico, Ciência e Technologia (SDECT). That amount value is to be added to approximately R$199 thousand deposit from Serviço  Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas (Sebrae) exceeds in about R$600 thousand the support received the whole last year. The received assets, together with the private sector and Feevale financial counterpart, will be invested in different sectors.

Investing in structure for innovation
Among the approved proposals by SDECT is to set up a Multissetorial Centre of Development of Advanced Technologies of Feevale Techpark in Campo Bom unit.  ‘For that project, the highest investment resource was approved, of almost R$2 million, which will be directed to two big laboratories installation, focused on providing service for the companies besides product development’, details Cleber Prodanov, the university pro-rector of innovation. One of those spaces, a fab lab, will be equipped with 3D printers that allow to complement the work already done with existing equipment, so that the companies based in the Park may project, develop, moreover, prototype products inside the laboratory. The partnership with regional enterprises is going to help to develop a second proposal.

‘Formas Kunz, SS Engenharia and Ekobio integrate a project that has two main action focus: the development of polymeric materials for footwear industry and wood profiles shapes for civil construction, incorporating residual wet blue and sawdust of acacia wood’ he details. According to Prodanov, the university Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS) is working together in this initiative. ‘While both universities, each of them, develop products and methodologies in the laboratory, the companies will perform the practices’, he states. Besides, at the unit of the Park in Campo Bom, a third approved project contemplates the Feevale’s Technological Incubator. ‘It is all about a platform to develop enterprises in the areas of games and healthcare, making use of virtual and augmented reality technology, the pro-rector points out. 

Education for enterpreneurship 

Sebrae provided a financial contribution for other initiative providing that it aims to stimulate entrepreneurship, aligning community and University. ‘Provided with a R$199,880 financial resource, the amount will be applied in subjects and events related to entrepreneurship directed to the community and academics of the Institution’, he states.
Take a look at the approved projects:

Implementation of a Multissetorial Centre of Development of Advanced Technologies of Feevale Techpark 
Amount of value: R$ 1,811,469.27
Aim: consolidate Feevale Techpark as an appropriate environment for innovation and technology transfer, by means of the installation of the Multissetorial Centre of Advanced Technologies as a tool to develop new products or processes, in order to promote synergy among the housed enterprises, the Park, and Feevale University. 

Development of alternative polymeric materials for footwear lasts and civil construction wood profile shapes fabrication
Amount of value: R$ 1 million 
Aim: to develop polymeric new mixes with appropriate proprieties to utilize in last for footwear industry and civil construction wood profile shapes, incorporating residual wet blue (from leather industry) and sawdust of acacia wood, as fillers for formulations. 

Development of new enterprises in the area of games and healthcare in the Feevale’s Technological Incubator. 
Value: R$ 486,145.45
Aim: develop new products, services or technologies with interface in the areas of healthcare and creative industries, by means of a prospecting demand by the platform of open innovation. It aims at generating new enterprises based on technology, innovative and highly potential for the growth and market insertion. 

Entrepreneurial Education at Feevale University
Value: R$ 199,880.00
Aim: promote different meetings and events that connect community and academics in order to work for an entrepreneurial education. 
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